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Putting a smile on a kids face

Parrot-Island-Fort-with-Spiral-Loft-Tower-Wood-Roof-750x580Swingset Factory Depot is in the business of making it fun to build backyard playgrounds. From start to finish the professional staff strives for customer satisfaction in the products and services they provide. Whether it is a swing set, a trampoline or a basketball hoop, Swingset Factory Depot has the equipment needed to transform most any backyard into a wonderland.

The playground equipment carried by Swingset Factory Depot is crafted with 100 percent redwood and cedar and customers are encouraged to experience the products first hand at their showroom where play is nonstop. Customers will find a huge selection and factory prices, which saves time and money. Unlike many discount or hardware stores, Swingset Factory routinely purchases play equipment from the top manufacturers, enabling them to pass their reduced transaction costs to their customers. Special financing is also available. The knowledgeable installation contractors will assist with yard inspections to help identify the best position and placement of play equipment, taking into account landscape and fixed objects already present in the yard, to ensure safe use and operation.

Swingset Factory Depot also provides an equipment inspection and maintenance service to keep playgrounds safe and attractive.  Swingset Factory Depot offers a hassle-free relocation service on all their products, including tear down of the equipment and moving it from one house to another. Expandable swingsets, designed to grow as children grow, also are available. These swingsets have options that can be added to create additional physical challenges and to keep the excitement alive as children mature and develop. Offering diversity in their product line, ranging from classic to modern play equipment, Swingset Factory Depot has something for every backyard, budget and interest.

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909 North Bluff Rd. • Collinsville, IL 

(844) 796-4738 (844) SWNG-SET)

Mon.-Tues., by appointment only;
Wed.-Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.;
Sun. 12 a.m.-4 p.m.  


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