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Bringing new medicines and medical devices to market

Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith

StudyMetrix is an experienced research clinic dedicated to improving human health and well-being in the St. Louis area and beyond through performance of drug and medical device trials.  This experienced research team has now opened their new office in St. Peters.

The StudyMetrix Research clinic is focused on finding treatments and cures to common disorders such as migraines, obesity and diabetes.  To accomplish these goals, they partner with volunteers from the community and, to that end, they need help. StudyMetrix would like to speak with anyone suffering from migraines, diabetes, obesity or other general medical conditions. Volunteers are critical to successful cutting edge research on these problems. The care provided at StudyMetrix is second to none.

The team at StudyMetrix, led by Dr. Timothy Smith, is well known for their commitment to integrity in scientific investigation and strict adherence to regulatory requirements.  Dr. Smith’s staff has worked together in the St. Louis clinical trial field for over 20 years. Clients consistently seek their services in the development of new medicines, including biological products, vaccines, as well as therapeutic and medical devices.

Dr. Smith’s background is in pharmacology and internal medicine.  He guides the team by providing a clearer understanding of the causes and available treatments for a wide range of common and not so common diseases.  Dr. Smith and his team also aid in the exploration of current health trends and evaluate the effectiveness and safety of new medicines and medical devices for the treatment of difficult to manage medical problems.

The professionals at StudyMetrix use their extensive research experience combined with a novel approach to clinical trial management to achieve results, which may lead to future breakthroughs in healthcare.


3862 Mexico Road  •  St. Peters

(636) 387-5100  •  www.studymetrix.com

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