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A quality Christian education

HIGH SCHOOLLiving Word Christian School is committed to instructing students in the traditional liberal arts while equipping them with the skills to implement knowledge from a Biblical worldview. With two distinct campuses, it is the largest nondenominational Christian school in St. Charles County serving students in preschool through grade 12.

From the early age of 3, children are encouraged to ask the next question, and discover the truth in God’s word. On any given day in the elementary classroom, children are engaged in learning, and each child’s developing confidence and diligence are celebrated. Teachers are experienced and committed educators who understand and value young minds.

Middle school students, sixth through eighth grade, are introduced to a world of new concepts and opportunities to help define interests, learn new talents and face challenges unique to that age group. The curriculum covers all the traditional core subject areas using a range of innovative, creative ways to present the material.

Living Word Christian High School is a place where students are challenged. Students become part of a tight-knit community committed to learning and serving God. The college preparatory subject matter, combined with innovative electives and experiential components, bring the material to life. Smaller classes encourage continual interaction and the sharing of ideas.

In addition to strong academics, all of the school’s programs include Bible classes and a weekly chapel service. Co-curricular involvement is also encouraged at every grade level through participation in leadership opportunities, sports and the arts.

The faculty and staff at Living Word Christian School assist Christian families to equip students with a Christ-centered education empowering them to impact the world for the glory of God.


Middle School & High School

1145 Tom Ginnever Ave. • O’Fallon

636. 978.1680

Preschool & Elementary School  

1614 Willott Road • St. Peters

(636) 970-2398


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