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22 years of quality and proud service

fickSince 1994, Fick Supply Service has been the leading supplier of bulk landscaping products for homes, gardens and businesses in the St. Louis area. Fick Supply takes great pride in having the highest quality and the largest selection of mulch, decorative gravel, topsoil, compost and crushed rock for the creation of beautiful landscapes.

Fick Supply specializes in customer service. The friendly staff will assist in the selection of products, help load vehicles and provide punctual delivery at the customer’s request. No matter the size of the project – from one to 1,000 cubic yards – Fick Supply Service has the people, the integrity, the equipment and the service needed to get the project done.

Fick Supply also accepts clean fill and yard waste materials for a minimal fee. The company harnesses the ability to convert unwanted materials into useful, environmentally friendly products. Recycling yard waste prevents the materials from entering the solid waste stream.

In addition to recycling products on-site, Fick Supply offers waste wood grinding and recycling services on a larger scale to valued commercial customers. By utilizing high-volume output horizontal grinders, which are faster because the material is force fed rather than gravity fed, the company is able to maintain unsurpassed end-product specifications. Horizontal grinders also reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by thrown objects as compared to tub grinders.

The company’s fleet of equipment also can accommodate large-scale land clearing and recycling efforts in an efficient and cost effective manner.

At Fick Supply Service the goal is simple: to help customers create exceptional landscapes by offering the best value, quality, service, quantity and selection.

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501 N. Eatherton Road • Wildwood

(636) 532-4978


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