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Certified chimney experts and more

Group Pic September 28 2015aEnglish Sweep does more than sweep chimneys. They fix leaky, smelly chimneys, keep fire in its place and service dryer vents.

Every house has a chimney and all expel the harmful toxins of combustion. The furnace, water heater and gas appliances vent carbon monoxide. Wood burning fireplaces vent smoke and creosote. The National Fire Protection Association and English Sweep recommend annual evaluations.

They are chimney and ventilation professionals, serving the area since 1979. Family owned by Gregg Boss, their mission is to meet clients’ needs with service and quality craftsmanship. Their certified chimney sweeps have experience homeowner’s rely on.

They use the most advanced industry tools. English Sweep brushes hazardous creosote from fireplace flues. A diagnostic camera finds potential hazards they can repair. Annual maintenance reduces hazards and increases performance of the flue system.

Their masons take care of brick restoration and tuckpointing. English Sweep also services and installs wood burning or gas stoves, inserts, gas logs, and stainless steel flue liners. Additionally, they install covers, glass doors, and flashing and solve wet leaky wall issues. They install gas liners for the furnace and water heaters.

Dryer vents collect deposits of lint and moisture, and may cause potential hazards with carbon monoxide, increased condensation and fire. These deposits also hinder the dryer’s performance and longevity. Allow English Sweep to remove debris or re-route poorly located, damaged liners.

Call English Sweep, certified flue and venting specialists. Find out why they are “your sweep for life.” Their office staff is available to answer questions and schedule appointments today!

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